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For those who don’t know, Splatoon 2 is wrapping up its flow of content this weekend with its final Splatfest: Chaos vs. Order. Many fans are sad that Nintendo is moving away from Splatoon 2, and we’re all wondering when we’ll see more of the series. Unfortunately, it sounds like the development team is also unsure of what the future holds.


The uncertain future of Splatoon

In an interview with Famitsu, Producer Hisashi Nogami explained that the development of Splatoon 2 has been continuous. As such, the team hasn’t had much time to plan for the future.

Splatoon 2’s production started moving right after 1 was released. Now we also had production for Octo Expansion so we’re fully focused on the updates, and we still haven’t thought of the future.

For future plans, we’ll think of them after everything is over.

We’re not yet at a phase where we can make a promise, but we’d like to return the favour in some sort of way to many people who have supported us. If you continue to support us, it might turn into reality.

It sounds like Nogami has a lot of appreciation for the fans. I’m almost certain that Nintendo will continue to support Splatoon in the future, but it seems as if there are no official plans at the moment.

So if you like Splatoon, make sure to take part in the final Splatfest this weekend! The Chaos vs. Order Splatfest will begin at 5:00 a.m. PT on July 18 and will run until the same time on July 21. Get your Switches charged up, renew those Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions, and get ready to splat!

What do you guys think of this news? Do you expect the Splatoon franchise to continue? Will this be the last game we see for a while? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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    1. With free, multiplatform, multiplayer-focused shooters like Fortnite and Apex Legends being the “new normal” for a lot of kids these days (and a killer money-making model for those developers), I don’t know how Nintendo could make a hypothetical Splatoon 3 anywhere near as successfully as the previous 2 editions given the market’s shifting desire for these kinds of multiplayer shooter experiences. That’s not to say anything bad about the gameplay, story, etc. of the Splatoon games, all of which are superb, I just don’t see how a $60 game primarily focused on vs multiplayer shooting matches tied to a single platform can garner as much of a following as Nintendo would need to turn a decent profit on it. The first 2 were released before the free battle royale craze hit and unless Splatoon 3 adapts to that in some way, it won’t be worth the financial investment.

      And of course, there’s the artistic integrity of the single-player Splatoon games’ stories with their fun characters that could be somewhat compromised using such a model, so would they even want to try? I guess we wait and see…

      1. On the other hand, the free multiplatform multiplayer shooters like Fortnite and Apex Legends are nowhere near as popular as they were a few months ago. I barely hear of them anymore. I’m sure they still have a huge playerbase, but the numbers must be dropping now as everybody is over the hype.

        There’ll always be an audience for multiplayer games like Splatoon, especially with Splatoon being a Nintendo exclusive game that has garnered enough attention to be considered one of its ‘higher priority’ franchises getting more focused support (getting DLC, free updates, tons of marketing, merchandise, etc…All the stuff Metroid and F-Zero don’t get).

        I just hope this isn’t anothe F-Zero situation (assuming they’re not just making excuses for a game they just don’t want to make…) where they “don’t know what to add to it so they’re not making a sequel”. Splatoon is comparable to Mario *insert sport* or Smash Bros IMO, you don’t need to add much in a sequel, just give us one per console and keep supporting it until then.

    2. Nintendo is not thinking in a sequel for Splatoon 2 is problably is because the Splatoon series and Animal Crossing series is developed by the same developing team, and this developing team is focusing in Animal Crossing New Horizon, after this game is released the developing team will start developing Splatoon 3.

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