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Today, Geoff Keighley announced the date for The Game Awards 2019. On Thursday, Dec. 12, The Game Awards will be held in the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California. Tickets are available now for those lucky enough to be able to attend. Geoff Keighley posted the announcement on his Twitter, along with an emotional story about how much The Game Awards means to him:

Over the past eight months, I’ve quietly traveled the world to talk with the creators who inspire me. When we sit down, I ask a simple question. “Why do you keep creating?” No matter what happens in our lives or in the world, the act of creation is a deeply personal, spiritual, and fulfilling pursuit, filled with sacrifice and challenge, but fueled by the opportunity for impact. At their best, games make us feel alive.

Today, I am happy to share the date for The Game Awards. Thursday, December 12. This year’s show will celebrate the act of creation, as I turn the stage over to a group of visionary teams selected to share their new projects with you.

I’m honored to be given this platform to celebrate our shared passion on a global scale. You’ll hear much more in the coming weeks about our plans for the fifth anniversary show. It will be very special.

Like the Oscars, but with more Mountain Dew

The Game Awards started in 2014 as a successor to the Spike Video Game Awards. Geoff Keighley, who was the former host of the Spike Video Game Awards, has been the host of The Game Awards since its inception. Red Dead Redemption 2 was a powerhouse at last year’s ceremony — with 8 nominations and 4 wins — but ending up losing Game of the Year to God of War.

The Game Awards has always been an exciting ceremony. Not only does it give out awards to the best games of the year, but it also fills time between awards by announcing new games. It’s basically a mini-E3. The 2018 ceremony had some choice trailers and reveals, including the announcement of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Joker DLC. It’s safe to assume that 2019’s ceremony will have some sweet reveals of its own, so get ready for December.


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