The Game of Life 2 Nintendo Switch launch trailer release date today marmalade game studio

Marmalade Game Studio has reminded us with a launch trailer that The Game of Life 2 is arriving on the Nintendo Switch eShop today. However, it looks like you will need to pay quite a bit for this digital board game, with the game costing $29.99 / £29.99. If you are desperately after a board game experience on your Switch, then this might be for you. This isn’t the first adaptation of a board game that we have seen on the Switch, with other games such as Monopoly being available on the system, and distinct efforts like Evolution Board Game are available as well.

The Game of Life 2 is already available on mobile devices and PC, with the Nintendo Switch version supporting online and cross-platform play. The game also supports local multiplayer, which, to be honest, will most likely be the most played mode. Owners of the Hasbro Family Game Night 3 for the Wii may have played The Game of Life before, and this version is essentially the same ordeal. Unfortunately, unlike with the Wii version, you won’t be able to play as your Miis.

The Switch launch trailer for The Game of Life 2 above demonstrates how the game plays out, if you’re somehow rusty. If you’re after a bit of fun with family and friends, then this game is perfect. Are you interested in this game?

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