The Good Life trailer fall 2021 release window date Playism White Owls Swery

Developer White Owls and publisher Playism have released a new trailer for The Good Life, a “debt repayment RPG” from Hidetaka Suehiro (“Swery”), which reveals a new fall 2021 release date window for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. The premise of the game is that journalist Naomi Hayward must “uncover the mystery of a small English town” called Rainy Woods for a newspaper to solve her financial woes. People in this town transform into cats and dogs at night, and Naomi eventually gains that ability herself. However, there is also a murder, and Naomi will use her new cat and dog transformation abilities to explore and collect clues to figure out what the heck is going on.

Other gameplay in The Good Life will include taking and selling photos to trim down Naomi’s debt, using fictional social media site Flamingo to help her gain popularity. You can also grow vegetables in a garden, learn cooking, or go drinking with the townspeople at the pub. And when you’re not transforming into other animals, you can even go ride a sheep in the hills — because why not?

Swery and White Owls’ The Good Life sounds like a lot of fun on Nintendo Switch if you can just hold out a bit longer for that fall 2021 release.


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