The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles announcement trailer release date July 27, 2021 Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4 PC Steam

It’s finally happened! After leaks, ratings, and teasers, Capcom has officially announced that The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles will launch in the West on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam with a release date of July 27, 2021. This collection contains two Nintendo 3DS games previously only ever released in Japan, The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures and The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve. You play as Phoenix Wright’s ancestor, Ryunosuke Naruhodo, in Meiji-era Japan “to defend his very first client: himself!” He will also take his adventures in the law to England at one point. Plus, there is a new optional Story Mode where the game essentially plays itself like a TV show and you can just enjoy the intrigue.

On Switch and its other platforms, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles will comprise 10 adventures with assorted colorful characters, including a character incredibly named Herlock Sholmes (spectacular). The gameplay has been “improved” for this release, but regardless, you’ll be exploring attractive environments for clues. Additionally, the Japanese language is evidently an important component of the investigations in the game, but Capcom has not thrown that out for the localization. Rather, “Japanese text and script on evidence has been kept intact, and hovering over key parts of items will provide helpful English subtitles. Be sure to examine every piece of evidence for information, context, and additional clues – or even just some fun banter.” Purists and enthusiasts of other cultures will love this.

Furthermore, for cases tried in England in The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, the usual courtroom process will change a bit. For instance, “members of the jury will raise their own objections and come to their own conclusions.” And with “Summation Examination,” you will need to persuade the jury by highlighting contradictory ideas and presenting evidence that clarifies the situation.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles will offer English and Japanese audio, and outside the main game, you can enjoy a “gallery of art and illustrations, complete with commentary from the art director, and watch moving pictures (i.e. fully animated videos) from the story.” And as if that isn’t enough content, there are eight Escapades — “mini-episodes separate from the main story” — in addition to two Special Trial videos, 13 video clips from “Ryunosuke Naruhodo’s Seven Days of Sin,” and three optional extra costumes for The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles may well provide the ultimate Ace Attorney experience to fans when it launches on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Steam on that July 27 release date. Are you excited to finally get this one on Switch in the West? The game will release physically and digitally on Switch in North America but apparently digitally only in Europe; seemingly only Japan will receive the game physically on PlayStation 4.


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