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Japan hates recreational drugs, and marijuana is illegal in all respects in the country. So what is the best way to convey the seriousness of marijuana use? Naturally, the answer is for the Osaka Prefectural Police and Capcom to team up for an anti-marijuana poster ad campaign using characters from The Great Ace Attorney. According to Eurogamer, the campaign includes production of 6,000 posters and 4,000 posters with face masks, and Osaka Prefectural educational institutions, police boxes, and train stations are distributing them starting today.

It’s debatable whether Ryunosuke Naruhodo telling kids and adults not to do drugs will have a palpable effect, but Capcom and Osaka are giving it the ol’ college try. Capcom has actually been collaborating with government bodies for years for somewhat unorthodox campaigns like these. For instance, in early 2019, Osaka and Capcom’s Mega Man teamed up to promote cyber security, which is the greatest thing ever (even if MegaMan.EXE would have made a little more sense).

Prior to this anti-marijuana poster ad campaign in Osaka, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles launched on Nintendo Switch and other platforms back in July, marking those particular games’ first official English localization. We found the collection to be another great couple of Ace Attorney games, and sister site The Escapist discussed how the games were surprisingly effective with their period-appropriate racism.


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