Bloodstained graphics downgrade Switch

Update: 505 Games has issued a statement which you can read at the bottom of this article.

It’s been a long time coming, but Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is finally out! Famed developer Koji Igarashi wanted to keep the spirit of Castlevania alive, and over $5 million in Kickstarter funding helped him make his dream a reality. It took a little extra time, but the game has finally launched on Switch. Unfortunately, a side by side comparison reveals a significantly downgraded version of the game. The graphics have clearly taken a hit. It seems like it may have needed a little more time in development.

Bloodstained graphics downgraded

For instance, there’s an area that takes place on a large ship in the rain. On PS4, you can see the rain sliding down the sides of the ship, glistening in the light. On Switch, there’s no such effect. The sides of the ship are just a dark, murky mystery. In fact, the game feels darker and less defined on Switch in general. Textures are blurry or less detailed, and in some cases, removed altogether. Lighting is less realistic, too. Although perhaps that’s a blessing since it’s obscuring some questionable textures at times.

Obviously, Switch isn’t on par with PlayStation 4 or Xbox One in terms of power. No one’s expecting total parity. But Bloodstained isn’t exactly one of the most hardware-intensive games around. For a 2.5D platformer, this much of a visual dip is a bit unexpected. It’s particularly disappointing because 505 Games delayed the Switch release to add some extra polish, but it still feels pretty rough around the edges. Perhaps some of these issues could be addressed in a future patch?

505 Games weighs in

Since this article went live, publisher 505 Games has issued a statement regarding the Switch performance. They acknowledge that fans aren’t satisfied with the finished product, and they’re planning a series of improvements. Rather than launching one big update, they’ll be releasing a handful of smaller ones. You can read more about it by clicking here.

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