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Whenever I go to E3, I make sure to scan the floor for indies. There’s just something about the charm of a small studio that I find alluring. Besides Neo Cab, the indie game that I enjoyed the most this year was The Last Friend.

The Last Friend: a doggone fun time

The Last Friend combines tower defense gameplay with beat ’em up action. Dogs are nearing extinction (can you imagine??) and it’s up to you to protect the survivors. Hordes of enemies crash down upon you in waves, and you’re tasked with protecting those precious puppers!

You can build defenses like walls and turrets to stall or shred your enemies, but that won’t be enough. You’ll also have to enter the fray yourself and beat the baddies down. As you crush your foes, you collect resources which you can spend on more defensive items. You won’t be taking your sweet time with this one. The enemies are non-stop, so build up as fast as you can!

This game is hard. According to the employee manning the station, not one single soul had beaten the demo. Let’s hope this isn’t level one! I did feel a bit restricted in my movement. The screen is divided into three vertical layers, giving it a grid-like feel. I get the sense it would have been easier if movement was more fluid instead. Still, I love the concept, and I had a lot of fun during my demo. With a little polish, The Last Friend should be a great pick-up for fans of brawlers and tower defense games. Besides, think of what will happen to those poor puppers if you don’t play!

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