Legend of Zelda Game & Watch gameplay

This year’s E3 Nintendo Direct has been an absolute blast, and with Zelda‘s 35th anniversary being this year, they had to make a big show of it. This isn’t about Breath of the Wild 2, however, but about a bunch of re-releases. Following in the footsteps of last year’s Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch handheld, they’re also putting one out for the Legend of Zelda on November 12. And it’s going to feature so much stuff.

We’re getting the original Legend of Zelda game, Adventure of LinkLink’s Awakening, and a reskinned Game & Watch Vermin, featuring Link bonking octorocks. There’s also an interactive clock and stopwatch, where you can go around stabbing baddies while always knowing what time it is. Weirdly enough there was no word on the Zelda G&W that already existed, but hopefully that will be discovered as an Easter egg when this launches.

The Legend of Zelda Game and Watch

Link’s Awakening is my favorite game of all time and I’m much more of a fan of Zelda than Super Mario, so I’m going to need this. The other titles are pretty awesome, as well. Are you excited for the Legend of Zelda Game & Watch? Need a new gadget for your pocket? Hungry enough to eat an octorock? Let us know!



Dominick Ashtear

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