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While it is not usually overloaded with Stranger Things references and other cool events that happen in other modes, Fortnite Creative still has a wide range of possibilities, one of the coolest being how it can be used to recreate certain retro games. Recently, YouTuber Mustard Plays pushed the idea of what can be done with Fortnite Creative to the next level thanks to his incredible remake of The Legend of Zelda within the platform. A faithful rebuild of the full overworld, nine dungeons, and plenty of head-scratching jumping puzzles await players. The project really is something else, and words alone cannot do it justice. If you have time, check out the twenty-minute long video below that shows off the unbelievable extent of detail and design that went into this project.

Mustard Plays took the name Fortnite Creative to heart with some of his ingenious Fortnite-themed substitutes that replace normal The Legend of Zelda conventions. For example, there are thirty hidden coins to collect throughout the map, including some placed behind a cracked wall, the classic, telltale sign that something must be blown up soon. More impressively, a fairy is replaced with a can of Slurp Juice. If you are interested in exploring the remake yourself, you can download the level with a map code of 2326-3456-6999. All in all, it is an absolutely incredible rebuild that shows exactly what determined people can accomplish through the lens of Fortnite Creative.

What do you think of this project? What retro game should Mustard remake next? Sound off in the comments.

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