Metal Storm Collector's Edition Retro-Bit

I never used to buy into the whole collector’s edition of things. When I reached adulthood, though, things started to change. Most would attribute that to financial stability. As much as I’d hate to admit it, I can at least partially assign blame to the “treat yourself” movement. Meaning, “See something you want? Eh, might as well. You only live once — treat yourself.”

I’ve purchased a couple over the years, most of which have been left in-box or collecting dust on my shelves, never to see the light of day. This is one thing about living that collecting life that I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of. Even when it came to the recent release of Super Mario Maker 2 and The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, there I was waiting before the stores opened to get my freebies. So, you can probably guess why I jumped at the opportunity to get the Metal Storm Collector’s Edition from Retro-Bit.

This, this is what’s in the box

I love the idea of new retro products coming to the market. Whether that’s a Star Wars NES reproduction, newly produced IP, or the Metal Storm Collector’s Edition. There’s something punk rock (at least to me) about re-releasing a Nintendo NES cartridge in modern times, especially times when most games receive multiple updates or continue to evolve over the course of their lifespan.

When it came time to unload everything from the box, the collector inside me begged for me to not cut the plastic wrap snugly fit around the box. It pleaded once again when I started removing the outer box and getting to the goodies inside. Normally, I would buy two just so I could open one. Alas, I was lucky enough to have this one sent to me on behalf of the manufacturer.

As much as it’s nice to see everything that’s offered in the box on the game’s official site, the actual product inside is much more impressive. All I could think about was that this could have easily passed for a collector’s edition if it were around during the NES era and Metal Storm‘s original US launch date. Granted, this version contains the Japanese version that has been translated into English.

Just keep moving forward

As I continued to unbox the Metal Storm Collector’s Edition, I couldn’t but help feel guilty. I mean, I was going against everything that I’ve learned over the years. But I did manage to keep carefully unpacking the box and all of its contents. My favorite thing, hands down, has been the replica M-308 Gunner figurine. Sadly, this finely detailed boi isn’t available for purchase outside the collector’s edition and not included with the standard version.

Metal Storm Collector's Edition Retro-Bit

As I continued pulling out new items, I knew I was completely vested into the rest of the contents of the box. I put aside the throwback, Japanese M-308 Gunner pin and figure, gently laid the black tissue paper aside that it arrived with, and started plucking out the rest of the contents.

This is where it began to fall apart

The rest of the items came out with ease. I looked at the certificate of authenticity that read “865 of 3000” and looked at the rest of the materials inside. There were two other small art postcards, depicting a style that managed to once again rile up those feelings of nostalgia from which the game came. Metal Storm is often referred to as an overlooked gem from the NES. Whatever you think of the game itself, it’s hard not to revel in what has made up the impressive package for the $69.99 USD price.

After arriving to the meat of the Metal Storm Collector’s Edition — I couldn’t pull the trigger. The remainder of the box included the galactic blue Nintendo NES cartridge and poster. However, at this time, it’s still safely tucked inside of cellophane wrap, cardboard, and guilt. I’ve been kicking around the idea of opening it just to play it. But I haven’t brought myself to do so — not until I purchase another one so I can dive into the rest of the goods inside. Which, if things look as good as the original art prints, I’m probably going to be framing and showing off their beauty.

Metal Storm Collector's Edition Retro-Bit

Release Date: Available Now
Price: $69.99 USD
No. of Players: 1 player
Category: Action
Developer: Irem

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