This was a cute surprise! During today’s Indie World showcase, Nintendo revealed that frecle’s upside-down puzzle game Youropa would launch on the Switch later this year. As a freshly-painted You, the player must restore a fragmented world by solving puzzles, using paint and the ability to walk on walls using suction-cup feet. Fail to avoid ferocious enemies, and You will turn back into a colorless, lifeless puppet.

The mind-bending, gravity-defying puzzle platformer first launched on Steam in June 2018. In addition to the core game, Youropa also features a level creator tool! Players can unlock hundreds of building blocks as they play through the main game, and apply them in the editor to create their own stages and characters.

Back then, Youropa garnered a ton of positive reception from Steam users, and landed a solid 80% from aggregate scores on Metacritic. The game certainly looks charming, and I could go for more puzzle games in my library, so I might consider picking up Youropa when this mind-bender launches on the Switch this winter. What were your impressions on the game during today’s Indie World showcase? Might you pick it up later this year? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


Jeffrey McDonell
Rare import from Canada, lover of all things video game music and remixes, desk jockey by day, and Nintendo Enthusiast by night. I grew up on Nintendo consoles since the Game Boy Advance and GameCube, with standouts like Sonic, Mario, and Zelda defining my childhood.

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