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The age of video game movies marches on. Despite numerous flops, Hollywood keeps cranking out video game adaptations. Heck, Detective Pikachu even turned out pretty good! But if there’s one thing Hollywood loves more than video game movies, it’s reboots. Combine the two together, and you get the new Mortal Kombat movie.

A blast from the past

Two Mortal Kombat movies released in the mid-90s with mixed results. The first was critically panned, but it generated a sizable profit. Fans generally remember it as a fun, albeit campy, take on the series. Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, on the other hand, was a total flop. It performed so poorly that a planned third movie was scrapped and the movie series went silent for years.

There have been rumors about a Mortal Kombat movie reboot since at least 2011, but little concrete news has been revealed. A character list and plot synopsis leaked last year, but it was confirmed to be based on an older script. Then, earlier this year, a second list leaked. Warner Bros. has neither confirmed nor denied its accuracy.  Here’s the full breakdown:

Rumored Mortal Kombat movie details

COLE TURNER – A washed up boxer that still puts up a good fight. He loves his daughter Emily and will do anything to protect her. He is recruited to fight in Mortal Kombat and turns out to have a mysterious upbringing.

EMILY – Cole’s 12-year-old daughter who is already a skilled boxing trainer. She proves to be tougher than she looks.

KANO – The large, rugged Australian ex-special forces turned merc-for-hire wanted by Interpol for arms dealing and drug running. He’s killed a lot of people yet still has a goofy attitude.

LORD RAIDEN – The Thunder God leader of the humankind’s contestants in Mortal Kombat. He oversees their training for the tournament.

SONYA BLADE – The tough blonde dressed in military gear and ready to become a stronger champion.

JACKSON “JAX” BRIDGES – With “Arms like cannons” he recruits Cole to the Mortal Kombat tournament.

LIU KANG – A Shaolin warrior from the White Lotus society that has the ability to throw fireballs.

KUNG LAO – A stoic warrior monk who throws his hat like a deadly frisbee.

SUB-ZER0 – The ice ninja with deadly eyes hidden behind a gruesome mask.

MILEENA – The female Outworld assassin dressed in leather armor and wielding deadly sais.

SHANG TSUNG – The ageless Outworld general that oversees the tournament and it’s fighters.

The future of Mortal Kombat

It’s unclear if this is still the current direction, but Warner Bros. has confirmed that the film is still planned. According to a report from Eurogamer, it’s finally entering pre-production. The movie will be filmed in Australia and local officials claim it will be “the biggest studio production in the local industry’s history.”

The current version of Mortal Kombat is written by Greg Russo and directed by Simon McQuoid. Neither are well-known, but they’re both big gaming fans. McQuoid previously directed the popular PlayStation 3 “Michael” commercial. Russo is also involved with an upcoming Resident Evil reboot.


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