The Next Gen Cometh – September 13

by Mike D.

It’s been a long, strange road since E3.

Truthfully, it’s hard to believe that it’s been three months.  With all of the rumors, sly (but vague) hints from developers, and fanboy bickering, it’s felt less like a waiting game and more like one gigantic message board argument.  Nintendo hasn\’t helped matters much with their silence, and the non-disclosure agreements in place with third parties must be strict enough that one wonders what the exact punishments must be to keep such an eerie silence on the juiciest info.  Sterilization via dismemberment?  Wait, no, that’s just Ninty publishing the revised Ninja Gaiden III

Of course, we pretty much know that November 18 is the North American launch date, and we\’ve also gotten some morsels on the EU launch, but for the most part, it’s all still hanging up in the air.


So then, it’s been easy to forget that we\’re not just in for any old news conference this Thursday. We\’re really stepping into the dawn of the next console generation.  Moreover, we will be seeing Nintendo fully taking the leap that their competition did years ago, back when the braintrust in Kyoto thought they would experiment with control before taking on high definition and figuring out how to best tackle online gaming.  At long last, the guesswork can subside.  We will know the date, we will know how much violence will be visited upon our wallets, and the shape of Nintendo’s next step (and perhaps the industry’s direction) will finally start to come into focus a bit.

Of course, some mysteries will remain.  Will Mario take his ‘stache intergalactic again?  Who on Earth gets the next crack at Metroid?  Is Retro’s game (which seems to have been pulled from E3 at the last minute) another reboot of a classic big-N franchise, or will they get to try their hand at an original title?  How long will we have to wait before Link and Zelda take center stage again?  It’s doubtful that we\’ll get any details on the crème de la crème mascot titles, but who knows?  Maybe we\’ll get a glimpse…


One thing we hopefully will know – in addition to pricing, colors, launch day (not \”launch window\”) titles, possible bundles and the fully set-in-stone release date – is where exactly motion controls go from here.  We do know that Wii remotes with Motion Plus will be required in some NintendoLand games, but where else does ye olde Revolution wand fit in?  It seems somewhere between a shame and a crime to retire the controls from Skyward Sword and Metroid Prime 3 after one game apiece for their respective series.  With any luck, we\’ll get some semblance of an idea about plans for the Wii remote’s future.

We\’ll all find out together soon enough.  And truly, that’s the point of this exercise: to thank you. This site just celebrated its first anniversary, and we couldn\’t do it without all of you who read, comment, visit the forums and chat with us.  We\’re very lucky in our readership, and we\’re all quite aware of the many choices you have aside from our little site.  Thanks for being a part of our community.  We are humbled.

Except for Menashe, of course, who completely expected the site to grow this fast.

(I kid, I kid.)

The next generation awaits.  See you Thursday.

A mysterious Nintendo Enthusiast writer. Probably StarScream.


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