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The 2017 release of the original Gear.Club Unlimited from studio Eden Games will soon be delisted from the Switch eShop over in Japan. This news comes from the game’s publisher in the region, 3goo. The delisting will render the game unbuyable afterward, but Japanese Switch eShop customers can pick it up between now and December 3 for just 199 Yen.

Back in 2017, Eden Games pledged to deliver the first high-quality sim-racing experience to the Switch as an exclusive release. As it would turn out, Gear.Club Unlimited proved to be average at best. Basically just being a slightly modified port of the same game from mobile devices, just without microtransactions. While it isn’t a terrible experience, it’s certainly not the robust, comprehensive sim experience that core racing fans would be jumping over the moon for. Even its sequel, Gear.Club Unlimited 2, was just a slightly better experience, but not a true upgrade.

The last pit stop

That being said, I doubt the removal of Gear.Club Unlimited will be met with a lot of sad reactions if any. Collectors might be interested in picking it up, just for completion’s sake. It doesn’t appear that the game will also be delisted from the American or European eShops as of this time. Perhaps either Eden Games’ contract with 3goo has expired, or maybe the licensing rights for the game in Japan have expired. Games don’t get delisted incredibly often, but it’s almost always for legal reasons such as these.

Eden Games did release an expansion for Gear.Club‘s sequel earlier this year, called Gear.Club Unlimited 2 – Tracks Edition. This expansion added in circuit-based racing to the game, a first for the series and a departure from the road racing events that both titles feature. Like the rest of the package, it was a le-average experience, to say the least. But, you can check out our full review here. 


A.K Rahming
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