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Private Division confirmed yesterday afternoon that a patch is on the way for The Outer Worlds on Switch. Few details were given outside of a general confirmation that Virtuos is investigating ways to improve the game’s performance. Otherwise, there is no current timeline or hint as to when the patch will be complete or what it might contain.

The Outer Worlds impressed plenty of players when it initially came out last year. The game’s appearance on Switch was surprising, tantalizing, and not without controversy after a bit of back-and-forth over whether the physical edition of the game would have a game cart at all. While our reviewer largely enjoyed the Switch port, scoring it an 8.5 after experiencing the game on multiple platforms, many players expressed disdain over the port’s technical challenges. As such, a patch is great news, though it’ll be important to find out just what that patch will contain before we get too excited.

It’s unfortunate that The Outer Worlds on Switch was initially too messy a port for many players. With any luck, this patch will turn things around enough for more players to be able to enjoy the game on the go, but I’ll honestly be quite surprised if it makes any huge differences in the game’s overall port quality.

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