The Pokémon Company International donates $100,000 to NAACP Black Lives Matter BLM Nintendo George Floyd death

In a stirring and maybe even surprising act of solidarity, The Pokémon Company International has just announced a commitment to pledge $100,000 to the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) and another $100,000 to Black Lives Matter. This is The Pokémon Company International’s response to the tragic killing of George Floyd as a result of police brutality, and the company said in its statement that “friendship, inclusivity, and equity” are “the values that anchor the Pokémon brand,” and there is “no place for oppression within our community.” Most notably, it declares: “We believe that Black Lives Matter.”

This move by The Pokémon Company International is worthy of celebration for sure, and it mirrors similar moves by EA and Square Enix, who are pledging $1 million and $250,000 respectively to organizations that fight racism and discrimination, among other actions taken. Other video game publishers are taking similar actions.

Earlier today, Nintendo of America issued a statement about the death of George Floyd, expressing its support for the black community and a commitment to “fostering equity, inclusion, and diversity.” The statement made no mention of charitable donations to organizations like Black Lives Matter, but there are separate reports that Nintendo is matching or potentially double-matching employees’ donations.

What do you think of the outpouring of genuine financial support by game publishers to create a fairer society for the black community? And are you especially happy to see The Pokémon Company International taking this step, considering its status as an influencer of children around the world?


John Friscia
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