Pokémon The Pokemon Gym statues are being made into salt and pepper shakers

We still don’t know what those Pokémon Gym statues are supposed to be, but Bandai has revealed that it will release salt and pepper shakers based on the statues. The statue shakers will go for 4,620 yen (~$41.95) when they release this February in Japan.

The Pokemon Gym statues are being made into salt and pepper shakers

The Pokémon Gym statue shakers measure approximately 10cm in height, so they’re pretty small. They come in a set of two, with one that has one hole that is meant for the salt. The second shaker has three holes for the pepper. Either way, you can use them for any other seasoning of your preference.

Pokemon Gym Statues

But seriously, what are they? Some say that they resemble Rhydon, but they’re obviously missing a horn. We’ve seen the generic design used to display a type of Pokémon on the menu in the earlier games. The design was also used as the doll from the “Substitute” move in the Generation I and II games. Whatever they are, the Pokémon Gym statues make for great salt and pepper shakers.

Pasta Ramen

The salt and pepper shakers are now available to preorder from Bandai. They will be available to preorder until Oct. 4 at 11:00 p.m. (JST).

The Pokémon Gym statue salt and pepper shakers are certainly among the stranger Pokemon merch we’ve seen. That includes the limited-edition Pokémon Oreo cookies that will even have extremely rare Mew cookies.


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