The quirky painting sim SuchArt comes to Switch in fall 2020 art

5It took a whole, but now it looks like the Switch is finally getting some appropriate art applications. Colors Live was revealed a few weeks ago and will be coming sometime in the summer. But, it will have a bit of competition following behind it this fall with the quirky painting sim SuchArt.

I never knew that “painting sim” was a genre, but it looks like it really is considering the way that SuchArt functions. Like a typical simulator, the game is played in a first-person view and you’re able to walk around interact with various objects in the environment. In SuchArt, you will have control over a variety of different art tools like paintbrushes, acrylics, sponges, spray cans, and even a flamethrower (for drying purposes). Will you can paint on a canvas, you will also be able to paint on objects in the environment like walls and floors.

There’s also realism at play here. For instance, if you mix blue and red paint, it will gradually turn into a vibrant purple. So, you can make use of real art techniques in-game.

Here’s a video demonstrating a really nice landscape painting on a canvas. Various tools can be seen in the background as well:

SuchArt will be releasing in the fall on PC alongside Switch. Here’s hoping there will be gyro controls on Switch and touch support in order to get a similar level of precision that a keyboard and mouse would offer.

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