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“Dog-sledding narrative survival game” The Red Lantern from Timberline Studio will at last launch on Nintendo Switch and PC via Epic Games Store on Oct. 22, after being first announced at an Indie World Showcase last year and suffering a delay last November. The game has a new trailer to commemorate the occasion, introducing you to its roguelike gameplay in the Alaskan wilderness in which you must survive.

Among other things in The Red Lantern, you will be selecting four additional dogs to adopt, and progressing through the game and discovering more resources will enable you to unlock different stories. The game is about “pursuing the goals you set for yourself, even if they are a little bit wild. Whatever your journey is, we hope you persevere and find your way home,” according to Timberline Studio CEO Lindsey Rostal. The game is promising hundreds of unique encounters to discover within its roguelike framework, including fighting off bears or… evading squirrels.

The Red Lantern sounds good on paper (for people who can stomach roguelikes), since dog-sledding in the Alaskan wilderness is a unique premise. However, lots of games sound good on paper. We’ll see how the execution shakes out.

The Red Lantern will be $24.99 on the Nintendo Switch eShop, but the YouTube description makes mention of a 20% discount launch sale.


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