The love of retro games seems to be particularly strong in the Nintendo fanbase. As a result, there are so many different custom systems by different companies, all of which seek to provide a cool, new experience to breathe some fresh life into the games of “ye old times.” A company called My Arcade has developed a new device called the Retro Champ which also falls into this category.

The Retro Champ has the benefit of being able to play both and NES and Famicom titles. Better yet, it rocks a built-in 7″ screen, thus making it rather convenient. It can still be hooked up to another display if you prefer something larger.

If this sounds like something that’s your speed, then a Retro Champ can be had for $79.99. Check it out over on My Arcade’s official website.

Here’s a description:

The Retro Champ console breathes new life into retro gamers’ NES and Famicom cartridges without the need for a legacy console. My Arcade’s new console includes a built-in 7″ screen that allows for portable play with 3-5 hours of playtime via the built-in rechargeable battery. Retro gamers looking to play from the comfort of their couches can connect the Retro Champ to their TV via the console’s HDMI® output and pair with My Arcade wireless controllers (sold separately). Also included is a built-in cartridge cleaning kit – no more blowing on cartridges!

• Play NES and Famicom cartridges on-the-go.

• Full color, 7-inch screen.
• 3-5 hours of playtime on the rechargeable battery.
• Built in kick-stand.
• Can connect to TV via HDMI® output.
• Compatible with our Super GamePad wireless controllers.
• A built in mini cleaning kit allows you to take proper care of older cartridges.


A.K Rahming
Having been introduced to video games at the age of 3 via a Nintendo 64, A.K has grown up in the culture. A fan of simulators and racers, with a soft spot for Nintendo! But, he has a great respect for the entire video game world and enjoys watching it all expand as a whole.

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