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Last week, we asked you…

E3, or Nintendo Direct Fest 2013, is just 37 days away and it’s likely we will see Retro’s Wii U project. What do you want this top-secret project to be?

Your Responses

New Metroid
-Brendan Lautissier

Originally I said the sequel to Eternal Darkness since Retro stated that it’s something that Everyone wanted but no one’s asked for (source: look at Retro comments made late June/early July 2012), and most people said Starfox Game.

Since that’s (mostly) been Announced by D.D. (Dennis Dyack), and continuing to think outside the box, I’ve Recently stated Earthbound 4 for Global Release with a more Modern look (think E3 2011 Zelda Demo X Planet Sheen) …
-David K

star fox i know it’s star fox

star fox they said they would make a new one if the 64 went well

Hopefully a new IP…as much as I would love to see a new Metroid Prime with Wii U’s HD graphics..I would love for it to be a new IP and shut the mouths of all of those who only say Nintendo only keeps releasing Mario games……but it’ll probably be a new Metroid game…

I completely agree. The Only game that got the attention of non-Nintendo gamers was ZombiU. If Retro makes a new IP it will obviously be good and will sell systems. The same might happen if Starfox or Metroid is done right, but it really is hard to say at this point. At any rate the speculation will come to an end in about a month.

Metroid or a new IP 🙂
-Phazon (@Phazon4G)

I would love them to have produced something completely their own. To be let off their leash. With their new talent I’d like some really immersive realistic or stylised worlds and the wow factor that would remind everyone that Nintendo lead innovation through their various studios. I would also laugh my head off if they’d actually acquired the rights to produce Timesplitters. That would be an industry shocker and in terms of artwork be right up their street. I do not want starfox or f zero…. personally, they would be great titles but a waste of their time when another studio could do it. Thinking of other studios…. Can you imagine a mash up of talent with Monolith and Retro working together?!!!!

new ip
-Banana WeeGee! (@GranaBanana)

New IP or something other than Metroid. You want this project to blow people away, you better do something they\’ll never expect. Metroid is too predictable and too safe for Retro to be working on. Surprise me, Retro. Give it all you got and take the risk. I know you can pull it off
-Evan Pan-Bao

Either Star Fox or something brand new. I could also see StarTropics

There is probably difference between what I want the project to be and what it probably is.

I want……………………A giant MMORPG Game set in the metroid universe where you can be any kind of alien humanoid thing and roam the final frontier being a space pirate or working for the galactic federation, It would also include samus cameo’s , but nobody gets to playas her. Combines elements of rts games like starcraft in the sense that you can control a fleet, and games like EVE online; like spaceflight stuff. And you can choose to roam around fps style, and duke it out on a phazon corrupted planet against giant metroid’s or other player’s not in your allliance with your laizzer gun. A game that could hold it’s own against skyrim, fallout, CoD, and bungie’s project (codename: destiny)……

Although another donkey kong country sequel would be equally exciting… which is probably what it is.
But honestly anything they release i know will be awesome \":D\"

A collaboration between monolith soft and retro studios……OH MY GAAAAAAWD!!!

That sounds like Destiny

2D HD Metroid Fusion sequel on Wii U
-Like Like (@mistermeemee)

I don’t think this is the time for a FPS/FP Adventure for Wii U. Not with the PS4 and Xbox 720 launching this year. I think it’s best if Retro made a new Star Fox or new IP.

Retro is working on 2 games 1 old IP (duh) and a completely new one.

I would prefer a new IP from Retro but going off of the Miiverse hack I believe the game will be Metroid Prime 4. Also…it’s coming out this fall!

Rumor has it Retro’s been hiring quite a few people for their new project, including artists known for horror-themed stuff. I’m leaning towards a Metroid game, but with a very new direction – not a straight sequel. Probably first person, since that seems to suit the GamePad. Either a complete reboot, or a very different setting and art style. Perhaps they could turn it into something like a zombie game?

A gritty reboot of Donkey Kong or Star Fox seems less likely, though I think Nintendo will have someone do new games in those series eventually. I think with Retro at this point they want something that really shows off the Wii U hardware and can appeal to core gamers; either Metroid or a completely new IP.

Star Fox, hope its like the first or 64 one but with on foot missions as well as arwing levels


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