Collecting Smiles is returning to its art application series Colors with a brand-new entry for the Nintendo Switch, Colors Live. This new version features more brushes, more layers and a bigger canvas over the latest entry, which was Colors 3D on the 3DS. Even more new features are currently being planned and will be announced later on.

The new Colors Live can also be paired with the new SonarPen accessory for the Nintendo Switch. The SonarPen connects to the Switch’s headphone jack, so it does not use a battery or wireless functionality. It also features pressure-sensitivity, which allows artists to make lighter or thicker strokes depending on how hard they press down on the screen.

Colors Live - Switch

Colors Live will also feature a new game mode, called Colors Quest. This mode will allow creators to practice their art with a new creation every day.

You will be able to export any of your pictures to your Switch’s SD Card, upload them to the Colors Gallery website for online viewing, or simply post it to social media using the Swich’s built-in sharing feature.

Colors Live is targetting a Summer 2020 release for North America, Europe and Australia, with Japanese artists gaining access in Fall/Winter. The game is going to be digital-only, though the developers do not dismiss the idea of a physical edition coming later down the line. For now, though, attention is focused on the game’s Kickstarter Campaign. This will help fund development, and surely also that SonarPen, too. It has a goal of $15,300, but as of the time of writing, $44,432 have already been raised from 812 backers. There is still a little less than a month to go, so this campaign is off to a roaring start. You can check out the Kickstarter campaign by heading over here. 

Nintendo still has yet to release a new Art Academy on Switch, so this looks like it will fill the void. And since the Switch has a multi-touch touchscreen rather than a single-touch like 3DS, DS and Wii U, the experience should be more akin to drawing on an iPad or any other drawing tablet. I’ve recently got into using Procreate on my iPad and I’ve fallen in love with it. Thus, I’m really looking forward to seeing how Colors Live pans out.


A.K Rahming
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