Thanko Switch Cooler

The Nintendo Switch has a wide variety of accessories in its collection, however, some are a bit more useful than others. This upcoming release from Thanko is not really one that I would call “useful”, but it’s coming out anyway.

It’s been dubbed the Thanko Cooling Charge Grip for Nintendo Switch. You slide the system into the grip and activate the fan to supposedly boost the air flow going to the system, resulting in lower temperatures.

These Switch coolers tend to come with one fan, but Thanko decided to go the extra mile and put in two fans to improve performance.

The Thanko Cooling Charge Grip is already on sale in Japan for the equivalent of $37 with no formal plans for release in other regions. If you do happen to have interest in this, I wouldn’t go through the headache of trying to import one, especially at that price. Take that money and buy some games, or more practical accessories. I say this beacause the Switch and Switch Lite already have adequate built-in cooling systems, and very rarely does a unit actually overheat. You would have to be suffocating the system in order for it to get to that point in most cases.

[ViaVia 2]

A.K Rahming
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