The top 10 best dual type Pokémon pairings: Sweeping the competition

Dual type Pokémon add a real razzle dazzle to your Pokémon strategizing. These critters straddle two worlds, and it’s your job to balance the benefits and drawbacks of having both those worlds collide. Except it isn’t! We did it for you. We just had to come back to the Pokédex again after going through each solo type to look at the best dual type Pokémon match-ups.

Dark/Ghost Pokémon

Ghost and Dark (or Dark and Ghost, if you will) has but one weakness: Fairy. That’s one reason why Sableye ended up on our best Ghost Pokémon list. Better yet, throwing Dark in the mix covers Ghost’s natural weakness to Dark. Ghosts tend to be fairly fragile, unless they’re paired with a sturdier typing. So that’s quite a handy resistance to have, thanks especially to Sucker Punch. Sucker Punch is a common move to run into even outside competitive Pokémon, and it can easily wreck your setup since it always goes first. Unfortunately, there are only two Pokémon of this typing for now, Sableye and Spiritomb.

Fairy/Steel Pokémon

The top 10 best dual type Pokémon pairings: Sweeping the competition

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Steel and Fairy are another fantastic dual typing. In fact, it’s even better than Ghost and Dark, despite being open to two weaknesses instead of just one. Steel is one of Fairy’s most dangerous weaknesses, what with Fairy Pokémon specializing in Special Defense. Adding Steel to the mix negates that weakness and, in theory, bolsters Defense in the process. Plus, there’s that lovely same-type attack bonus for moves like Flash Cannon. The downside? Yeah, it’s 50% Klefki unless you were lucky enough to get an event Magearna. The other 50% is Mawile, which is definitely worth your time.

Fire/Fighting Pokémon

The top 10 best dual type Pokémon pairings: Sweeping the competition

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It’s easy to look at Fire/Fighting as a dual type setup, roll your eyes, and keep going. Game Freak might have overdone it with Fire/Fighting starters for a bit too long, but it really does work as one of the best Pokémon dual types. Fighting opens up weaknesses to Psychic and Flying. On the plus side, it also does away with the Rock weakness Fire always suffers from. Putting these two types together adds useful type coverage too, along with boosting both Attack and Special Attack. Some of the strongest moves in the series are Fire or Fighting type, and Fighting Pokémon in particular usually get a good many surprise moves.

Poison/Dark Pokémon

The top 10 best dual type Pokémon pairings: Sweeping the competition

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Poison/Dark also has only one weakness. It’s one you probably (hopefully) wouldn’t think of using a Poison Pokémon against anyway: Ground types. Most Ground types make super quick work of Poison ‘mon, so just don’t try. Everything else? Fair game. While Poison and Dark Pokémon don’t have type advantages against a lot of other types, they do have useful niche moves. Poison obviously has a bevy of ways to inflict status damage and maximize on it. Dark moves don’t hit the hardest but leave opponents with a headache. Plus, you get multicolor Muk, which by itself makes Poison/Dark one of the best dual type Pokémon setups.

Steel/Bug Pokémon

You’ve probably already guessed why Steel/Bug is one of the best dual type Pokémon combos based on our other choices. Bug/Steel only has one weakness, and that’s Fire. It also has impressive and very useful type coverage, being handy against Psychic, Grass, Dark, Fairy, Ice, and Rock types. Durant and Scizor (and Genesect if you’ve got one) make excellent use of these strengths too, with their powerful Attack stats and plenty of ways to get even stronger. Pokémon is the only possible place where a bug made of steel who gets stronger and stronger could be a good thing.

Water/Ground Pokémon

Calling Water/Ground one of the best dual type Pokémon pairings probably won’t surprise a lot of people. After all, it’s Swampert’s type, and Swampert is widely regarded as one of the best Pokémon around. But it’s just as good on other ‘mon like Seismitoad. Ground isn’t weak to Ice anymore, and it nullifies Water’s biggest foe, Electric Pokémon. You’ll probably get more out of Ground moves, since these Pokémon tend to have higher Attack. But that’s actually a bonus. Earthquake is one of the strongest moves anyway, and later generations have physical Water moves like Liquidation.

Electric/Flying Pokémon

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Electric/Flying is another example of an excellent Pokémon dual type set that has less-than-excellent representation. Electric only has Ground as its weakness, which Flying completely gets rid of. Granted, Electric doesn’t do anything special for Flying from a type perspective. But it does add extra Speed, Volt Switch for when things get dicey, and a chance to take out other Flying Pokémon. In theory, it’s great. In practice, it’s Emolga. Fortunately, there are a handful of Legendaries with this type pairing you can get your hands on in-game.

Water/Flying Pokémon

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Water/Flying is just as good and has better representation to boot. This setup just has two weaknesses, Rock (not too big of a deal) and Electric (avoid at all costs). Gyarados is probably the best-known representative for this class, so much so it made it on our Water type list. It’s great for the traditional Flying moves like Aerial Ace but skews towards just a handful of Water moves with its high Attack. Swanna, Pelipper, and now Cramorant add more variety and shine with Air Slash, among others. Water is a super-useful type anyway. Taking out its Grass weakness and Flying’s Ice weakness just makes them both even better.

Water/Fairy Pokémon

It’s probably evident by now, but Water is a good type to pair with other types. Water/Fairy might not have quite as many Pokémon to choose from, but it’s definitely one of the best dual type Pokémon pairings. Water negates Fairy’s Steel weakness. Aside from defenses, though, Water/Fairy is just an overall strong combination capable of dealing with a third of all the Pokémon types. That’s not even taking surprise and coverage moves into account.

Flying/Steel Pokémon

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Flying/Steel is the opposite of Electric/Flying, prizing offense over Speed and tricks. Rock and Fighting are issues no more, while your lil’ birdy can also fly free of fear from icing over. Electric is still a threat. But both Corviknight and Skarmory have good enough Special Defense to deal with it. Attack is the main attraction for this typing, both the actual stat and the strong move pool. And like Water/Fairy, you can spread the hurt across a full third of all the Pokémon types.

That’s it for our best dual type Pokémon list. Naturally, you can make a strong team with any Pokémon and the right training. But these types are your go-to Pokémon types if you want a smoother route to success (read: if you want to steamroll the competition). If you missed the rest of our best Pokémon series, be sure to check them out:


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