The top 10 worst dual type Pokémon pairings: Confounded and confuzzled

We decided to come back for a bit more Pokémon, looking more broadly at dual types this time. We’ve gone over the best dual type Pokémon pairings already. And where there are the best, there are also the worst. Plenty of Pokémon dual types are a big swing-and-a-miss, and we’ve rounded up the 10 worst dual type Pokémon matchups.

Bug/Grass Pokémon

We’re contradicting ourselves a bit here. Bug/Grass is one of the worst dual type Pokémon pairings. There’s not really any denying that. While the Bug option means you can go after Dark and Psychic types, it does absolutely nothing to offset any of Grass’s weaknesses. In fact, it just makes them worse and adds a Rock weakness. But we chose Leavanny for one of the best Bug types. (Insert thinking emoji). Leavanny does need to be used with caution, though unlike its fellow Bug/Grass type Parasect, it’s actually possible to pull off thanks to high Speed and Attack. Parasect? Just… no.

Fire/Rock Pokémon

The top 10 worst dual type Pokémon pairings: Confounded and confuzzled

Source: Pokémon Fandom

Fire/Rock might not be quite as egregious a match as Bug/Grass. But it still ends up being a problem. It’s weak to itself because of Fire. It’s also doubly weak to common Water and Ground moves while only adding one useful strength (against Flying) to Fire. Unfavorable matchups are still viable if you train right, but both Coalossal and Magcargo are extremely slow. It’d take way too much setup for these to work unless you only use them against very specific opponents.

Dragon/Flying Pokémon

Why call Dragon/Flying one of the worst dual type Pokémon creations when so many of our best Dragons are exactly that? Well, there aren’t that many to choose from, especially since Game Freak made almost every Dragon through gen 3 part-Flying. Granted, this pairing isn’t nearly as problematic as some of the others on our list. But it still leaves us scratching our heads. Arguably the most powerful type in the games — up to gen 6 at least — gets a 4x weakness to a common type and a secondary weakness to Rock. Maybe it was just to give folks a chance against the likes of Lance and Drake?

Rock/Ice Pokémon

The top 10 worst dual type Pokémon pairings: Confounded and confuzzled

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Rock/Ice is technically not a very good or wise Pokémon dual type, even though we also said Aurorus was a good Ice Pokémon. It is, especially with its useful ability. But Rock comes close to ruining it from a defensive perspective. It adds two weaknesses that Ice should be strong against in Grass and Ground. Steel becomes a major threat. And it’s weak to its own type, even though it can take on Fire with ease now.

Grass/Fighting Pokémon

Grass/Fighting isn’t a very common type, but it isn’t a very good one either. Grass is somewhat fragile against common types like Fire and Flying at the best of times. Throwing Fighting in the mix does open the door for very good type coverage — hence our including Breloom as one of the best — but it also creates more common weaknesses. Flying’s power gets doubled, while Fairy becomes a new threat. It’s probably one of the rare cases something like Slurpuff could take out a Legendary Pokémon, which… really shouldn’t be that way.

Grass/Flying Pokémon

Source: YouTube

It’s a good thing Rowlet gains a new type for its final evolution because Grass/Flying is just a disaster otherwise, definitely one of the worst dual type Pokémon pairings. The Grass part loses its resistance to Electric and probably shouldn’t face off against Rock types anymore. Ice is twice as dangerous now. There’s not really a good reason why this typing should exist. It doesn’t do much. Or anything. At least Rowlet can escape, though. Poor Tropius — a brand new Pokémon in gen 3 created just to be terrible.

Water/Ghost Pokémon

There’s only one Water/Ghost Pokémon, for now at least: Jellicent and its base form Frillish. The design is very cool. The idea is also very cool. The reality is not. Water often relies on a secondary type to offset its common weaknesses. Yet adding Ghost to Water doesn’t really do that. In fact, it just makes Water weak against common moves like Sucker Punch and limits what battles you can use it effectively in. The type coverage gained from this pair isn’t that impressive either. Other Ghost types do the same thing, but better. Maybe that’s why there’s only one of its kind…

Rock/Ground Pokémon

It’s probably plain by now that Rock is a troublesome type guaranteed to create one of the worst Pokémon dual types. It has almost no resistances worth noting, or at least no unique resistances. And anything you add it to suddenly has a host of extra weaknesses. Rock/Ground is one of those. These Pokémon are weak to six types and doubly weak to common Grass and Water types. Six type weaknesses means Rock/Ground Pokémon can’t stand up against a full third of the type roster. Ouch. High Attack means you can still feasibly use these against the other 12 types, but you’ll have to be cautious more often than not.

Ice/Psychic Pokémon

Source: PokémonFAQs

Ice/Psychic is another rare dual type pair that might be rare for a good reason. Offensively, these Pokémon can be scary strong, particularly if you factor in status and stat moves too. Defensively, they’re a bit of a mess. Ice’s weakness to Fighting means these part-Psychic ‘mon are robbed of one of their famous resistances. It also opens up more weaknesses against Rock and Steel Pokémon. That’s a problem given the physical nature of those types and how frail Psychic types’ Defense is. Useful they may be, but still one of the worst dual type Pokémon combinations.

Rock/Steel Pokémon

On the surface, Rock/Steel is a good dual type pair for Rock. It’s only got three weaknesses, after all! But those are all it needs. Fighting and Ground aren’t just common types; they’re strong as well. Even the fantastically tank-y Aggron won’t last long against them. Plus Rock gets rid of Steel’s natural resistance to Water, which can be a big issue given both types’ lack of Special Defense. There’s a reason Aggron’s Mega Evolved form is Steel only. Basically, if you take away nothing else from this list, know that using Rock dual types is like the ultimate Nuzlocke challenge.

That’s it for our worst dual type Pokémon list. While most of these would make your life as a trainer very difficult indeed, that’s not to say they have no value. Sometimes, the best fun is taking a team of underdogs through the game — or even competitions, if you’re feeling gutsy — and turning them into champions. If you missed any of our previous best Pokémon lists, catch up on them below:


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