The Touryst

Shinen, the developer previously known for the F-Zero-inspired Fast RMX, has finally revealed their next project as The Touryst. The game made its debut during today’s Nindies presentation. The Touryst, which is currently targeting a November 2019 release date, is a voxel-art adventure title where players explore sprawling tropical islands, fight towering stone monsters, and discover ancient secrets. You can watch the first trailer below and get a look at the game’s incredibly colorful voxel environments and what appears to be some really smooth gameplay.

The Touryst was one of many big announcements during today’s Nindies presentation. The Touryst is a surprising change of pace of Shinen after Fast RMX‘s high-octane racing, but it still looks pretty damn good. We have been in the dark on Shinen’s next project for a very long time, but luckily, it surprised us, it looks great, and the wait will not be very long at all.

The Touryst looks really inventive. It may get overshadowed by today’s other major Switch reveals, such as Hotline Miami Collection and Ori and the Blind Forest, but I think it has the potential to be a very solid game. The graphics are among the best voxel art I have seen, and it looks like there is a ton to do with gameplay–I saw platforming, lots of boss fights, and hopefully some hints at puzzle solving.

What did you think of The Touryst? How does it compare to the other announcements from today? Let us know in the comments.

Andrew Rockett
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