Wireless snes controller

When you play SNES games, whether it be via the original system or the collection of games on Nintendo Switch Online, the best way to play them is with an SNES controller. The wireless SNES controller is out in the wild, and with it is the discovery of a neat new easter egg. When using the wireless SNES controller with Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Nintendo Switch Online, the menu sound effects will change to ones from Super Mario World.

Various sounds like Mario spitting fireballs or the power-up sound effect now replace the ones in the app itself. The sidebar also changes from red to white. The changes can be seen briefly in GameXplain‘s video at 3:10.

Overall, this may seem a fairly minor change, but it’s one that I’m pleasantly surprised by. Cute little easter eggs like this bring a smile to my face, and I can’t think of a more nostalgic experience than playing classic SNES games with this controller.

At the moment, the wireless SNES controllers are unavailable for order, but hopefully, we’ll see them back in stock soon. Super Mario World holds fairly little personal nostalgia for me, but this opens the door for other easter eggs in the future. A Link to the Past sound effects, anyone?


Cody Morris
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