Square Enix dropped an info megaton today with a suite of new screenshots and details for their upcoming port of cult-classic The World Ends with You. On top of explanations for the returning systems like scanning and Fusions, we get a look at some brand new pin abilities available in Final Remix, as well as a bunch of brand new background music making its debut in the Switch release.

In The World Ends with You, attacks and abilities that you gather throughout the game are known as pins. There were over 300 pins in the original game, and Final Mix will be adding at least three more.

The Cruel Fortune-Teller allows Neku to unleash a wave of flying swords at his enemies. Yodakari Phaser lets you swipe on Neku to make him run across the screen, dealing damage to any enemies he bumps into until he hits the edge of the screen. Finally, Hanayome Date lets you tap the air to summon a huge sphere that will drift around the stage and damage any enemies it touches.

When it comes to video game music, The World Ends with You is a beast. Final Remix packs a whopping 92 background songs into the game. Most of these are from the original soundtrack, but a large number of them are arranged mixes or brand new songs. You can choose to swap between the original and arranged songs at any time while you’re playing.

Beyond all that info, Square Enix dropped a heaping helping of new screenshots and renders for the game, so make sure to check them out below.

The World Ends with You: Final Remix is set to be released on the Nintendo Switch September 2 in Japan, and some time this fall for North America and Europe.


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