The World Ends with You The Animation 90-second special video teaser Neku Square Enix Nintendo DS anime series

The World Ends with You The Animation, the upcoming anime adaptation of the Square Enix video game, has received a 90-second special video. It appears to be the very beginning of the story, where protagonist Neku wakes up in the middle of Shibuya to find that objects like speeding trucks pass right through him. That’s really all that occurs in the video, but it’s enough to showcase more of the anime’s slick art style. The thick lines used for the characters really make them pop somehow, especially combined with the vivid colors used for Neku. Domerica and Shin-Ei Animation seem to be cooking up something good.

For those who aren’t already familiar with the story, Neku is very much dead in The World Ends with You The Animation. If he wants to escape the parallel reality called the Underground and return to life, he needs to win the Reapers’ Game, which involves surviving battles with monsters and other humans.

The World Ends with You The Animation will air in 2021, and it won’t stay locked away in Japan. The series will be streaming at Funimation, as announced back in July. That’s great news, but I am wondering when we’ll ever hear more details about Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV show.


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