The World Ends With You The Animation Opening Theme trailer Square Enix anime

The World Ends with You: The Animation won’t air until this April, but Square Enix shared a new trailer with an alternate “rap version” of its opening theme. The original opening song is called “Teenage City Riot” by the group ALI. The rap version is performed by R-Shitei from the rap duo group Creepy Nuts. Check out the new trailer below.

The World Ends With You: The Animation opening theme “Teenage City Riot feat. R-Shitei” by ALI

The trailer itself doesn’t show anything new, but we get that sample of the opening theme’s rap version, which we’ll hear in the anime. The story will mostly follow the events from the first game, featuring Neku and friends. The first episode will air on MBS, TBS, and other networks in Japan starting at 1:25 p.m. (JST) on April 9, 2021. It will premiere worldwide in April via Funimation.

In addition to the new anime, there’s a game sequel titled NEO: The World Ends with You. It will launch in summer 2021 for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. The game will take players back to the streets of Shibuya to once again partake in the life-or-death battle for survival that is the Reapers’ Game.

Square Enix also shared a new promotional image for The World Ends with You: The Animation for you to check out below.

The World Ends With You The Animation Opening Theme trailer


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