Resident Evil: Code Veronica fan remake

Last year, Capcom wanted to gauge interest in Resident Evil remakes and sequels. While I feel the majority of people want a remake of Code: Veronica, it’s looking like Capcom is going the Resident Evil 4 route. That doesn’t mean fans are taking this news lying down, though. A group of people has been toiling away at a Resident Evil: Code Veronica fan remake since 2019. So much so, that a demo of their work is now available to download on PC.

Leave it to the fans to try and modernize Resident Evil: Code Veronica

If you would like a peek at the gameplay, check out some footage of the title below:

Some jankiness and zombie models aside, this doesn’t look half bad! I could have really gone for an Alfred Ashford impression, however.

If you’d like to try out the demo for the Resident Evil: Code Veronica fan remake, you can do so via Twitter. There are English, Spanish, and Portuguese options:

As the official website explains, the devs behind this are not affiliated with Capcom, nor are they accepting donations. This is purely a project of love.

I hope Capcom notices the interest in remaking Code Veronica. Both CV and Resident Evil 0 deserve the remake treatment the most, as they have not aged gracefully.

Enthusiasts, will you be trying out the demo for the Resident Evil: Code Veronica fan remake? Let us know below!


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