Gilmore Girls Fire Emblem 8 mod Marlow Dobbe Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Game Boy Advance

Gilmore Girls wasn’t the most popular show in the world, but it has a cult-like fandom and impassioned wars have been fought among Teams Dean, Jess, and Logan. (Team Jess is the only rightful winner by the way SORRY NOT SORRY.) If you would rather engage in some more literal wars with the franchise though, then Twitter user Marlowe Dobbe has exactly the thing for you. It was originally a gift for her boyfriend, but now she is gifting the whole world with the Fire Emblem: Gilmore Girls mod, taking Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones from Game Boy Advance and Gilmore-ifying it. It offers an hour of content.

Dobbe describes Fire Emblem: Gilmore Girls with the following amusing feature list:

  • 4 custom maps
  • multiple playable characters
  • WITTY dialogue!!! (including mild swears)
  • Depictions of a normal mother-daughter relationship

Without “WITTY” dialogue and a “normal mother-daughter relationship,” what kind of mod would it even be? Kidding aside, I have no idea if this mod is actually enjoyable to play, but it sure sounds like a fun way to spend an hour. I’m not big on Fire Emblem, but I definitely want to play through the Gilmore Wars. Those who oppose Team Jess will not be spared.


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