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Twitter user @WillowCreativ3 is known for her extremely impressive cosplay, but she’s a talented artist all around, including in the realm of 3D printing. Willow’s latest amazing creation is a Mewtwo capsule — or Mewtwo incubator, if you prefer — not unlike the one you might find at the Pokémon Center in Shibuya (albeit smaller). As she notes, it’s made via a combination of 3D printing, a tall drink glass, LED lights, and a small air pump. Admire its bubbly glowing goodness! Then keep reading for news on how to build — or purchase — your own.

Here is a small glimpse at how it was created.

Willow has released the 3D files for the 3D printing elements of the Mewtwo capsule / incubator, so if you actually own a 3D printer and have some technical know-how, it’s within your power to build your own. However, if building and being artsy isn’t your thing, Willow says she’s “putting together durable reproductions for limited sales.” There are no further details on that yet, but if you’re looking to own your own super cool Mewtwo capsule, I would suggest you follow her page.

Let us know what you think of this impressive Pokémon fan creation, and tell us if you’d be willing to open your wallet to buy one.

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