Twitter user @gingerbeardman has shared an old interview with Shigeru Miyamoto by way of magazine scans. The interview, pulled from issue 25 of Electric Brain from 1992, shows Shigeru Miyamoto speaking on the development of The Legend of Zelda, as well as the first two Zelda games for the NES.

In the two-page interview, titled “Zelda – The Man Behind the Game! – Miyamoto speaks candidly about the challenges of developing The Legend of Zelda, and how the cartridge’s memory space affected design choices for the game. The Nintendo legend even talks Mother (Earthbound) and Pilotwings.

The black-and-white spread is full of early industry tidbits, and ends on a note where Shigeru Miyamoto talks specifically on placing pressure on programmers to get exactly the quality that Nintendo needs.  He reveals his role of being a director on The Legend of Zelda, and takes a sympathetic approach to his status. He tells Electric Brain:

“Well, it’s not me that’s doing the actual programming, but as director, I have to pressure my staff if we are to get any work done. I feel sympathetic towards over-stressed staff having to be pressured even more, but because of Nintendo’s obligation to provide the best for it’s customers, I feel I can use this pressure in a positive way, and to maintain our reputation.”

Nintendo surely felt a responsibility to hold its footing as a leading game developer in the early 90’s, and Shigeru Miyamoto has clearly emphasized this point.

View the entire interview down below. Take careful note of the Electric Brain interviewer asking Miyamoto about Zelda swinging “his” sword, and not referring to The Legend of Zelda’s main character, Link. Awkward goof…


Kevin Cortez
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