The wait is almost over! According to this tweet from NintendoVS, the final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter Pass character is about to be revealed on Thursday, January 16. That’s two days from now!

It’s been a long wait, but we’re about to know who the last fighter is. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has given us so many awesome new DLC characters since its release. Piranha Plant came out of nowhere and provided a new and crazy playstyle. Joker was another shocker and completely changed the metagame. Hero did much the same with his RNG abilities. Banjo & Kazooie have been a desired character since the original game. Terry Bogard adds a touch of fighting game pedigree to a brawler that already included Ryu and Ken.

So the final question is, who could it be? I have a theory that the Fighter Pass is a collection of five third-party characters, with future DLC in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate focusing on first and second-party fighters. If this is the case, my money is on Tracer from Overwatch. She has cool time abilities and would rep a demographic not often catered to by Nintendo.

However, it’s also possible that the theme of the Fighter Pass is characters with meters. If it’s a first or second party character, then I’d want to see the Prince from Dragalia Lost. He has a built-in dragon meter, lots of cool abilities from the game, and would make for an interesting sword fighter. Even if he’s not, I’d love to see some Dragalia Lost in Super Smash Bros. at some point. Either way, I’m sure this newcomer will be an amazing addition to an already fantastic game.

Actually, I lied. The final question is, when will we get to play as them? Hopefully soon! Let the hype resume!

Dominick Ashtear


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