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Being a hybrid console, the Switch is designed to be played any and everywhere. If you do take the system out-and-about with you, then you have already purchased a carrying case of some sort. Or, if you’re a mad lad, you may just stuff it into an existing bag on its own. Whatever your situation, this new carrying bag designed specifically for the Switch promises to provide a better experience. It’s called the MagGo from Ultix Outdoors and it’s on Kickstarter right now with a campaign that’s already well past its stretch goal.

The MagGo implements what its creators call the “invisible magnetic drop-down game station”. It’s the main compartment of the bag and it’s where the Nintendo Switch is housed. After placing the system in there, the compartment is then secured using a magnetic quick-release buckle.

This part of the bag has actually been designed to accommodate not only the regular flagship Switch but also the Switch Lite. If you use some type of grip accessory that increases the width of the system, there’s also enough space to comfortably rest it in here as well.

Small, yet spacious

Of course, since this is considered to be a traveling bag rather than just a simple case, the MagGo also sports space for additional items by having two additional compartments. You can fit stuff like a battery bank, charger, cables, wallet, keys, passport, and other accessories that you might need quick access to. The bag also comes with its own physical cartridge organizer for those of you who have a collection of physical titles; there are 12 slots in-all.

Ultix Outdoors - MagGo for Switch


Despite being able to fit a lot, the MagGo isn’t really much taller than a traditional Switch. It’s small, but also quite rugged as it has an EVA front shield that’s water-resistant, and also protects against scratches, impacts and dust. Inside the bag, it uses PU fabric that provides a waterproof protective layer. There’s also some additional heavy padding located in areas around the bag to help reduce the risk of damaging the Switch that if you drop the bag.

Ultix Outdoors’ Kickstarter campaign for the MagGo is still underway, and as of the time of writing, there’s still a little over a month left before it’s completed. Despite that, it has already raised $24,925 from 287 backers even though the company was initially only asking for $7,000. Deliveries of the first batch of bags are expected to be completed by July.

If the MagGo sounds like something you need, it can be had for 48 euros (which is $58.17 USD). Though, the company is running an “Early Bird” deal where you snag the bag for $10/10 euros off.

*Note: This is not a sponsored post; we’re simply reporting on it for news purposes. 

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