Glitch soft-locked Luigi's Mansion 3

When new games release, it’s almost expected that one or two weird glitches are going to slip through the cracks that the developers didn’t catch. Nintendo doesn’t fall victim to this too often, but one fan did experience a game-breaking bug in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

YouTuber Game&Mic was fighting off a ghost when Polterpup bounded toward them. Unfortunately, Polterpup collided with Luigi about the same time the ghost was getting sucked up. This caused Polterpup to get permanently stuck in Luigi. The main problem with this is that some doors weren’t able to be opened anymore. To add insult to injury, when Game&Mic fired up their game again, Polterpup was still stuck inside of Luigi.

Of course, this glitch is unlikely to happen to everybody. It sounds like this was a matter of bad luck and unfortunate timing. Fortunately, this was also at the beginning of the game, so Game&Mic won’t have to backtrack too much. But if Polterpup gets stuck inside of you while you’re playing, you now know that it might mean a complete restart.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 has had one software update so far, which aims to fix some bugs. Hopefully, if this happens more than once, Nintendo will release another update to fix it. However, it seems this will likely be a one-time thing.

What about you guys? Have you encountered any weird glitches in Luigi’s Mansion 3 yet? Are you enjoying the game so far? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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