The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is pretty good, especially thanks to its massive battery life. It has all the bells and whistles found in the Joy-Con (NFC, HD Rumble, motion sensors and wireless functionality), but it has a pretty steep MSRP of $70. Understandably, this is quite expensive for some folks. As a result, there are a lot of third-party alternatives out there, but as is the case with most third-party controllers, the vast majority of them are pretty cheaply made and easily fall apart. The better ones hold up, but lack the aforementioned extra features that the Pro Controller/Joy-Con have. But, that isn’t in the case when it comes to this specific third-party alternative: the EEEK Wireless Pro.

The Wireless Pro sports a very familiar design: it’s a complete knock-off of the Xbox One controller. It even has the same analog-style triggers, despite the fact that the Switch only reads digital inputs. While you can’t call it the most original device, it at least does seem to provide a decent experience for a much cheaper price than an actual Pro Controller.

Popular gaming YouTuber ‘Spawn Wave’ recently published a video taking a deep look at the Wireless Pro, and from his findings, it appears that the controller checks out rather well. Not only are the quality of the parts good enough, but the controller also features (regular) rumble, wireless functionality and it even has an accelerometer and gyroscope of its own!.It lacks NFC and its battery pack is very tiny, thus lasting only a few hours. It’s easy to overlook these shortcomings considering that the Wireless Pro is only going for $26.97 right now on Amazon. There’s even an option to buy a dual pack for $49.97. Regardless of which option you go with, it’s still a lot cheaper than picking up a single Pro Controller or pair of Joy-Con.

Check out Spawn Wave’s video to see the Wireless Pro in action:

In addition to Spawn Wave’s testimony, a good chunk of the reviews over on Amazon also speak well of the EEEKit Wireless Pro. There are a few negatives here and there, but it looks like this is still worth giving a shot. It’s hard not to be at least a little curious with a price tag that low. I’m even considering the thought of picking one up myself.

Still, I can’t get over the design totally ripping off an Xbox One controller. Since I own an actual one, it’s a bit surreal to see it repurposed as a Switch Pro Controller. Speaking of which, another interesting alternative to buying an actual Pro Controller is using a real Xbox One controller with the system. On that note, you can also use a Dualshock 4 or even a Wii U Pro Controller with the Switch. How? One method is this cool USB adapter from 8BitDo, which we’ve covered in the past. Just like the Wireless Pro, it’s a lot cheaper than buying an actual Pro Controller, so keep either of these products in mind.

A.K Rahming
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