This Way Madness Lies Zeboyd Games magical girl RPG Cosmic Star Heroine

Zeboyd Games, the developer of retro RPGs like Cthulhu Saves the World and most recently Cosmic Star Heroine, has announced its next RPG via brief Twitter tease. It’s called This Way Madness Lies, and it’s confirmed to be a “magical girl” game — stuff like Sailor Moon. It also has Shakespeare influence, and the hope is to release the game sometime this year. Platforms haven’t been announced yet — along with any other details — but Nintendo Switch seems like a safe bet.

Personally, I love Sailor Moon. When it finally became available to stream online legally in Japanese with subtitles years ago, I devoured it. And most people know by now how I feel about JRPGs *points to bio*. So This Way Madness Lies exists at an especially attractive intersection for me.

My one gnawing concern is that I genuinely despised the writing and storytelling of Cosmic Star Heroine top to bottom, but we can take on faith that Zeboyd Games is constantly working to improve. At the least, Cosmic Star Heroine offered phenomenal and varied combat, and there’s no reason to suspect This Way Madness Lies will be any different. Also, Zeboyd is just two people, so their volume of output is pretty awesome in the first place.


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