Thomas is starting to become pretty popular it seems, as the game from Curve Studios has been rated by the German rating board USK for Nintendo’s Wii U. Thomas Was Alone was created by Mike Bithell as a flash game in 2010, then made it’s way to Windows in 2012 and then PlayStation systems the year after. However, Nintendo and Microsoft platforms have been missing since it’s initial release almost four years ago.

Curve Studios are also in charge of The Swapper, Stealth Inc 2 and Lone Surivor, which are all soon to be on the Wii U eShop. Eurogamer asked the developer about these classifications, to which they replied \”We\’ll have some news to share on Thomas Was Alone in the next few days\”. It seems as if the German rating board has prematurely beat them to their announcement of a Wii U port. Nevertheles, I\’m sure fans will be excited that this cult hit is finally making it’s way to the eShop.

Would you download Thomas Was Alone on the eShop, or maybe you\’ve played it before? Let us know in the comments!


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