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Back in 2015, indie developer Toby Fox captured our hearts with Undertale. Unforgettable characters, an innovative morality system, and an emotional story with multiple endings gave this quirky RPG a bigger impact than Fox ever could have imagined. Today is the game’s 5th year anniversary, and in celebration, Fox shared a message with fans. It seems that during his long silence he managed to assemble a small team. They’ve been working diligently for months, and they’re finally nearing completion on Deltarune Chapter 2!

Toby Fox shares an update

If you’re not familiar, Deltarune is the second game in the Undertale series. Is it a prequel, a sequel, or some sort of parallel reality? The first chapter released on Halloween 2018 and left us with many questions. We’ll have to wait a bit longer to find everything out, but Toby Fox’s update revealed plenty about the status of Chapter 2 and the game as a whole.  It seems he and his team have hit one major milestone, and they’re nearing another!

First, there’s progress on the overall structure of the game. Toby Fox has been hard at work crafting the game’s overall story, and he now has a complete outline.

The good news is that a few months ago, I completed a significant milestone regarding the game’s design. I completed readable outlines for every chapter in the game, including first-pass dialogue for almost all the cutscenes, examples of the music, etc. Although certain details are still hazy, the flow of the game and all major events and battles that take place are now clear.

Deltarune Chapter 2 nears completion

With the overall game outline finished, Toby Fox and his team have been laser-focused on Chapter 2 since May. At their current pace, Fox believes they’ll finish the chapter’s content by the end of the year. However, they’ll need more time after that for bug testing, translation, and porting. That last bit brings up an interesting question. Will Deltarune‘s second chapter release by itself? The previous plan was to wait until all remaining chapters were ready before releasing anything more. It’s unclear if that’s still the case, as Fox says the game will “be released in many chapters.”

If you’d like to see a more detailed breakdown of Deltarune Chapter 2‘s progress, Toby Fox has provided a bulletin point outline in his update post. He gives an estimate for how complete each process is, though he notes that any percentages are subject to change. He also released two new screenshots, which you can view below.

deltarune chapter 2

toby fox


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