Every fighter in the Smash Bros. series comes with a kit of ground and aerial moves, including a simple jab attack. For the entirety of the series thus far, standard attacks, or \”jabs\”, have come in different forms. Some characters have a jab combo, like Ike in Brawl, while others have a 1-2 or 1-2-3 combination that may not necessarily combo. Still others have a simple jab that can be spammed repeatedly like Pikachu or Metaknight.

Just like with ledge mechanics, Sakurai has decided to mix it up with another integral part of Smash Bros. According to today’s official Smash Bros. update, characters with ineffective jabs in the past will no longer have to worry about subpar standard attacks leading to very little.


\”Pic of the day. Now consecutive standard attacks will always transition into a finishing move. This is Fox’s finishing kick after his standard combo attack.\”

Now, whenever you land a jab, you can continuing using your jab to combo into a \”finishing move,\” essentially a stronger jab at the end that will likely deal more damage and knockback that the previous parts of the jab combo. The aforementioned jab combo for Ike in Brawl already works this way, for example.

Except now, everybody has this option to deal certain damage or potentially kill opponents with their standard combo. This means characters who have spammable jabs or have a jab combo that ends with a repeated attack (like Fox’s kicks or Captain Falcon’s punches) will lose that spammable jab in exchange for the finishing jab attack. Other characters who have only the spammable jab to work with and not a 1-2 combo beforehand, like Mr. Game & Watch, will be reworked to have a new jab combo with a finishing jab.

While unexpected, this seems like a rather good change overall. For less experienced or casual players, spammable jabs create a lot of tension as they can be annoying or downright hard to escape from. On the other hand, for experienced and competitive players, they usually serve next to no purpose to play (rarely, for example, will you ever see a top player using Metaknight’s spammable jab attack). Further, with many jab strings being less effective than they could be since they do not truly combo, this fix to jab attacks brings a wealth of effectiveness across the board.

What do you think about the new changes to standard jab attacks in Smash Bros.? Sound off in the comments if you think this change is good or needs to be thrown out. What other changes would you like to see regarding ground or aerial attacks? Let us know your thoughts!



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