The developers behind the new Kickstarter for a brand new Toejam and Earl game have reconfirmed their hope to bring the game to all consoles, including the Wii U.

4cr: So far, if funded the game is being contemplated for a release on PC, Mac and Linux (with 4 player co-op and online play!). Are you thinking about porting the game to consoles (Wii U, PS4, XBO) as well or is that not in the cards right now?

GJ: We hope and plan to be on all platforms. It’s one of the great things about being independent. Of course that takes time and money, but assuming we can get funded at all via Kick Starter I think we’ll find a way to get onto all the different consoles and onto tablet as well. In terms of the KickStarter campaign, we plan to stay focused on just the PC/Mac/Linux versions so that we don’t have to split our attention between different platforms while building the game. I’ve done this before and it is a big distraction and takes away from the quality of the game. You get a much better product if you focus on one platform first. If people want the game on consoles or on android/iOS, their best shot is to help us get this thing built first on PC/Mac/Linux. We have lots of great merchandise so even people who don’t want that version at all can still get cool stuff for backing us. And our gratitude as well, of course.

The campaign is going very well so far, and is already well passed halfway to it’s base goal in just two weeks. To find out more about the game head on over to the funding page here.


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