A while back, I did a preview on the now-released Toki Tori HD for the Wii U eShop. As the name might suggest, it is actually an HD port of the original Game Boy Color version. Has it lived up to its potential as another great puzzle game to be tried out?

The puzzle design to the game is actually quite simple — at least, in theory. Your job is to rescue all of the eggs while avoiding every obstacle. There is no ability to jump, so you must use different tools and techniques to avoid dangerous enemies and to traverse large gaps. Some of the tools include planks and square boulders, which are used to traverse the game safely and to get to those hard-to-reach places. Other tools include the ability to freeze enemies or to destroy them.

Each level determines what tools will be available to you with some having limited or unlimited usage. How you use the tools and — more importantly, when you use them — becomes a very important question. Even with unlimited uses, it sometimes becomes prudent to save it to the very end when it is most needed. This requires to think several steps ahead and makes it worth it when you finally solve that one challenging level that stumps you.

Not all tools are unlocked from the start, though; several are featured and unlocked later in newly explored worlds. Since one screw-up can result in you failing a level, the game gives you an option to rewind time to any point in the game, allowing you to undo your most recent mistake without having to start the whole level all over again.

The game features a wide array of levels for each world, as well as several challenging and bonus levels. These extend the game’s life while giving you plenty of material to complete and enjoy. Each of these levels will really make you re-think your puzzle-solving capabilities — I found myself stumped on several occasions. Sometimes, I realized I had to retrace my steps and take a different, more off-beat approach.


Since the original Toki Tori game was actually a Game Boy Color game, the HD version has had all of its assets redone. The game is quite beautiful with all the vivid and colorful layouts of the levels and, even better than the looks, are the music backgrounds. Several of the worlds had me listening to the music over and over without wanting to complete the level.

The game features Off-TV Play for those of you who wish to play the game while watching something else. Its utilization is nicely done here; the game gives you a few options with how you may view the game. One of those options is to have a zoomed-in look, which gives you a nice detailed view of the game and allows for better enjoyment. The other option just mirrors the TV screen, resulting in a larger view with a little less detail.


If you are a fan of puzzle games, I really recommend Toki Tori HD from the Nintendo Wii U eShop. It really is a great and challenging game. The game features quite a lot of content to keep you occupied for many hours to come. At such a low entry price, I cannot recommend this game enough.


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