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Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore releases for Nintendo Switch on Jan. 20, where millions more players will have the opportunity to experience its magic than when the original version debuted on the less popular Wii U. In anticipation of this upgraded Atlus release, Nintendo has dropped a 5-minute English “Battle Trailer” spelling out in detail how the game’s unique combat system works.

Basically, the whole battle system is built around the notion of harmonization. Using the right attacks on the right enemies at the right times can trigger “sessions” with other party members, which basically means multi-hit attacks from different party members that come at no additional cost. Session attacks are expanding in scope to incorporate characters who didn’t participate in battle in the original Tokyo Mirage Sessions, including Maiko, BARRY GOODMAN (emphasis mine, though that’s basically how the guy says his own name in the game), and Tiki.

The combat gets significantly deeper from there, including additional combos and incorporating the rock-paper-scissors-like combat structure of the Fire Emblem games, which of course make up one improbable half of the Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore experience. (The other half is Atlus’ Shin Megami Tensei.) However, once you actually play the game, its numerous battle mechanics become pretty natural. And with the enticing music / J-pop gimmick sprinkled on top of it all, it’s a pretty riveting and unique combat system.

Due to its extremely uplifting and Saturday morning cartoon-like positivity, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE became one of my favorite games ever after I played it on the Wii U. I hope Encore can create a vast multitude of new fans so that — who knows — maybe Atlus and Nintendo could consider a sequel.

Are you anticipating this game on Switch?


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