Tomodachi Life was a game that not many people thought would come to other regions of the world besides Japan, as it has a quirky style that a lot of Western gamers seem to shun for whatever reason. When Nintendo held a Nintendo Direct for Tomodachi Life, a good portion of those people became believers in the absurdness of the game that acts as a cross between Animal Crossing and a second life simulator. The game went on to sell very well, and now it has been announced that the game was sold over 200,000 copies in France, making it the best selling game of the Summer in France.

It’s nice to see Nintendo taking the risk at global distrubition for the game, and it’s even nicer to see Tomodachi Life succeed in sales figures. Did you play Tomodachi Life? Let us know what you thought of this quirky game in the comments below.

Shawn Long
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