Meet our top ranked users as of 12/08/11. If you\’ve been paying careful attention you will notice that there are experience points awarded for visiting the site and commenting. As you gain experience points your rank will grow and you will reach new levels. This is meant as a friendly competition for our registered users- a way to reward our most consistent readers. Even the editors have a bit of friendly competition because they get awarded extra points for posting an article. The ranks go all the way up to Level 16 but we aren\’t going to give away the names and amount of points needed for each level until at least one user reaches that new level. But, here’s what we can reveal so far:

– 20 points are awarded just for registering. This is a special deal for users who register within our first three months as a website. Once that time frame has passed (in about three weeks) that promotion will be over.

– 2 points are awarded for every time you check the website. In order for you to get these points, though, there has to be a 2 hour difference from the last time you visited.

– 5 points are awarded for every comment you make on an article. So comment often, but don\’t spam. Also, the editor who’s article you commented on will also receive 2 points for each comment made on his post.

– 10 points are awarded for each article posted by an editor.

– Level 1 is called Deku Scrub and it lasts from 0-50 XP points. Level 2 is called Kokiri and it lasts from 50-100 XP points. Level 3 is called Subrosian and it lasts from 100-200 XP points. When our first user reaches 200 points we\’ll reveal the name of the next level. (Two of our editors have already reached this mark.)

– We currently have over 150 registered users and about 850 readers daily who aren\’t registered. 1/3 of our users are Deku Scrubs, 1/3 of them are Kokiris, and 1/3 of them are Subrosians. Now, we\’ll reveal the top ten Subrosians:




Top Ten Users – 12/08/11


1. DuckwallGonzeles472 – 142 XP

2. LisaGibsonski54 – 135 XP

3. kfrt – 134 XP

4. womble – 126 XP

5. GalicnaoKascak710 – 124 Xp

6. TracissCamppbell – 119 XP

7. kathyevaans – 114 XP

8. eclipseauthor – 114 XP

9. SandraBullock123 – 112 XP

10. LeterskyMccrane – 111 XP


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