Monster Hunter Rise Demo Top-3 Weapons

Monster Hunter Rise director Yasunori Ichinose took to Twitter to share the top three most used weapons from the recent demo, which was available from Jan. 7 to Feb. 1. The data comes from the intermediate fight against the “Bubble Fox Wyvern” Mizutsune. He shared the following insights:

  • #3 Hunting Horn: 9.6% of all players – “A much bigger response than expected!”
  • #2 Great Sword: 9.7% of all players – “When you think Monster Hunter, this weapon comes to mind.”
  • #1 Long Sword: 19.1% of all players – “The unwavering #1. Just too cool.”

It comes as no surprise to see the popular Long Sword and Great Sword weapons occupy the top two spots in the Monster Hunter Rise demo. However, the big surprise here is the Hunting Horn. When Capcom hosted the beta test for Monster Hunter: World, the most popular weapon was the Great Sword at #1 with 51.1% usage from all players, followed by Long Sword at #2 with 49.8%. As for the Hunting Horn, it didn’t even crack the top 8 list at the time.

Monster Hunter Rise will launch on March 26, 2021. Those who played the free demo will receive an item pack for the full game, including 20 Mega Potions, 5 Pitfall Traps, 10 Energy Drinks, 5 Mega Demondrugs, and 5 Mega Armorskins. Unfortunately, if you missed out on the demo, it is no longer available, but you can check out some insightful impressions on it.


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