Tormented Souls is bringing 'classic survival horror' to Switch

Clamoring for classic Resident Evil? Itching to play more Silent Hill after Pyramid Head made an appearance in Dead by Daylight? Enter Tormented Souls, an upcoming horror game with its sights aimed squarely on classic survival horror. We’ve seen this claim a few times recently from indie studios, but this one does actually look to fit the bill quite nicely.

There’s something about the visual style in the media released that hits the right notes. Its classic style hearkens back to the old days of survival horror, and the mansion shown off in screenshots looks very Resident Evil. Even so, it appears modern graphically, and there’s a level of polish shown that most of these copycat indies don’t typically hit.

Tormented Souls is bringing 'classic survival horror' to Switch

Per the developer, Tormented Souls draws inspiration from Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Alone in the Dark. The game is looking to modernize the old fixed-camera perspective, with improved controls and a more dynamic camera. The setting sounds interesting too, and the mansion featured is fully explorable as protagonist Caroline fights for her life.

Puzzles are set to feature heavily for player progression, and there’s an alternate reality thing going on also: Mirrors in the world of Tormented Souls provide a path to an alternate reality and another place in time. By crossing these gateways, Caroline can manipulate reality in surprising ways — turning the situation to her advantage.

Tormented Souls is set for a 2021 release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam.

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